Euruko takes place from March 29th to 30th (Saturday and Sunday) in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.

Prague is easily accessible by plane, train or bus. International flights arrive at Ruzyně International Airport (PRG). See information about how to get to the Prague city center from the Airport. Ask anyone at train/bus stations, they'll be glad to help you – every major train/bus station is located at some Metro station.

The venue itself will be at the big audiorium of The Faculty of Arts at Charles University. It is in the very city center, opposing the Prague Castle, near historic Jewish Quarter and Old Town Square.

It is conveniently accesible by Metro line A or by Tram number 17 and 18 – station „Staroměstská“. See more information about Prague public transport.

You can find reliable information about usual rates for Taxi in Prague at the website.


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We will be continually placing every important places (the venue, accommodation, pubs, restaurants, etc) on the Google Map EURUKO 2008 (view larger), so please do consult it for information.

Where to stay

Prague offers lots of different types of accommodation: from hostels to five–star hotels. We recommend taking a look on apartments and guest houses, of which there are plenty of near the venue, with prices around EUR 60 for double–room.

Have a look at list of accommodation in Prague – you can contact Veronika Fischerová from EasyPrague with any questions regarding accommodation. They know about the conference and will be glad to help you. You can always search on your own.


The Friday and Saturday parties will both be at La Fabrika Club, Komunardů 30, Prague 7 — Holešovice. There will be hopefully plenty of space for all of us! You can see photo of the bar attached below. DJs are arranged for Saturday only :)

You can find the exact location at Google Map EURUKO 2008.

Directions: Trams nr. 1, 3, 5, 25 go to the Dělnická station. The club is some 20m after the crossing. Don't be afraid to ask people, they'll send you in right direction!

Times: The Friday party will start at 19,00 and the Saturday party at 20,00. Either party has no set ending, but obviously, take into account that we're starting with fresh coffee after 9 AM each day! :) When you stay late on Saturday, you can even watch Daylight Saving Time eat one hour of the night live :)

The bar serves usual variety of beverages. Moreover, guys from Brightbox have arranged (one :) free Pilsner-Urquell beer for every Euruko attendee. Drink responsibly.

There will be some food prepared for you, you can buy your own at the bar!

Direct any questions you should have to the Euruko 2008 discussion group!