Note: This site has been restored from the Wayback Machine but there are several assets missing so this is not a faithful reproduction of the site as it was in 2008. If you have a copy of the original site, please let us know or open a PR.

Euruko is an annual conference about the Ruby programming language with an informal atmosphere and lots of opportunities to listen, to talk, to hack and to have fun. This year it takes place in Prague, Czech Republic, on March 29th to 30th.


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Processing videos

We are helping the video guys to process the recorded videos and more videos should be avaiable on the web in couple of days. Have a look on existing recordings. Please report any problems you'd have with the videos!



16. 05. 2008 · Euruko 2009 Location Decided!

The next year's Euruko will take place in Barcelona, Spain!

We will keep posting important updates here, but for the real source go over to the Euruko 2009 website. Also sign-in to Facebook group EURUKOBACKWEB if you have an account and follow Euruko 2009 Mailing List and Twitter feed.

See you in Barcelona in couple of months!


11. 05. 2008 · More videos from Euruko 2008 available

More videos from Euruko 2008 are available on the web. We are processing the videos together with the video guys and more videos should be available shortly!

Please report any problems or inconvenience you'd have with the videos!


15. 04. 2008 · Keynote video & slides for talks available

We have finally the video from Matz's keynote available online! The video guys are processing the remaining recordings and will post them at the same location. We will keep you hosted here and at the discussion, of course.

Also, almost all slides from talks are available at the Program page.


31. 03. 2008 · Thank you!

Thank you all for coming to Euruko! We hope it gave everyone balanced measures of entertainment and education. We are looking forward to next year, in Spain, Poland, or somewhere else altogehter... 

27. 03. 2008 · Developing Ruby/Rails applications in NetBeans

Roman Štrobl from SUN Microsystems will give a workshop about developing Ruby/Rails applications in NetBeans on Saturday, 13.00. Come if you're interested! 

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EURUKO runs for two days and will cost you EUR 20 (USD 30).

Apart from everything else you will get a nice T-shirt, food & drinks, as well as a special present.

The conference will take place at Charles University in Prague and surrounding pubs.


We thank our generous sponsors, who are making this conference possible!

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