The talks at EURUKO will focus on technical, pragmatic and philosophical aspects of programming with Ruby. Most of the talks will be in 20 minutes format with 5—10 minutes discussion. Apart from more traditional talks you'll see lots of impromptu „lightning talks“ in two sessions, one on each day.


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The conference will run from 10.00 to 18.00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Coffee, beverages & snacks will start at 9.00 on each day, and will be available for you whole day during the conference.

The talks will run in one course and will be in 20/30/45 minutes format.

Expect time and order to change, please!


9.00 Caffeine & carbohydrates; Registration

9.45 Opening the conference

9.50 Invitation from Roman Štrobl (SUN Microsystems)


10.00, Yukihiro „Matz“ Matsumoto „Keynote“ [PDF]

11.00, Koichi Sasada „Ruby meets VM“

11.45, Charles Nutter and Thomas Enebo „JRuby: Ready For Action!“ [PDF]


12.30, Lunch break, 2 hours

13.00, Sponsored workshop from SUN (see below), 1 hour


14.30, David A. Black „Per-Object Behavior in Ruby“

15.15, Nic Williams „Meta-Meta-Programming with Ruby“ [PDF]

16.30 Lightning talks session (1 hour, ˜ 10 minutes each)


17.00, Dinner break, 30 minutes


17.30, David Heinemeier Hansson „Why choose Ruby as a language for a new web framework (and not #{YOUR_FAVORITE_LANGUAGE})“ (Q&A session over Skype/iChat. Turn off your notebook!)

18.15 Panel discussion, 45 minutes

20.00, Evening Party


9.00 Caffeine & carbohydrates

10.00, George Malamidis „Synthesized Testing“ [PDF]

10.30, Vassilis Rizopoulos „rutema: One test tool to rule them all“ [PDF]


11.00 Coffee break, 30 minutes


11.30, Tomasz Stachewicz „Sharing the load“ [PDF]

12.00, Petr Krontorád „Building Rails Playground - using Ruby's dynamic nature“


12.30 Lunch break, 2 hours


14.30, Tim Becker „Lessons Learned Writing Native Extensions“

15.00, Matt Ford „Aspect Oriented Programming in Ruby“ [PDF]

15.30 Lightning talks session (2.5 hours, ˜ 10 minutes each)

18.00 Discussion: Next year Euruko

Lightning Talks

  • Kingsley Hendrickse, „AgileWhiteboard“
  • David Majda, „Ruby.PHP: Ruby to PHP Compiler“ [PDF]
  • Dushan Wegner, „Philosophy and Programming“ [PDF]
  • Marcin Raczkowski, „Easy Paralellization -- Actors“ [PDF, code]
  • Akira Tanaka, „IO.stream_copy“ [PDF]
  • Gregor Schmidt, „ContextR“ [PDF]
  • Yurii Rashkovskii / Oleg Andreev, „StrokeDB: Yet Another Document Database“ [PDF]
  • Florian Gilcher, „Stealing revisted - another try on multi.rb“ [PDF]
  • Raimonds Simanovskis, „Using Ruby with Oracle“ [PDF]
  • Daniel Liszka, „One RubyStack to Rule them All“ [PDF]
  • Ry Dahl, „Ebb Web Server“ [PDF]
  • Wouter de Bie, „Capistrano, Webistrano“ [PDF]

Sponsored Workshops

Saturday 13.00, Roman Štrobl (SUN Microsystems) „Developing Ruby & Rails applications using NetBeans“

This session is a demo-driven presentation of Ruby support in NetBeans IDE. NetBeans has added great Ruby support in version 6.0 and it currently provides many advanced features for Ruby development. Code completion helps when writing code, you can use refactoring to make changes fast, debugging Ruby and RHTML code just works and inline documentation is always available. During the demos you will see how to get started with Ruby development using NetBeans, how to benefit from different features in the editor, how to customize your environment including using Textmate templates and how to get the vi editor working inside of NetBeans. You will also see new features in version 6.1 which is currently being actively developed including support for Rails 2.0, tasklist integration and many new quick fixes in the editor. NetBeans is an open source project so we will also discuss possibilities of contributing to NetBeans and available community resources.